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Codon optimization tool

This codon optimization tool allows you to translate a protein or amino acid sequence back into a DNA sequence. It uses a preferred codon frequency table, thus adapting the resulting gene to the codon preference of a particular expression host.

If you are interested in protein engineering or antibody maturation, try our codon-precision randomized mutant libraries.

You can enter sequence motives, which will be included in or excluded from the resulting optimal sequence. Moreover, we have added automatic optimization functionality for the codon usage table and have assembled a detailed online help.

Click here to open the tool

The codon optimization tool has been cited in several publications. If you want to cite the tool, please see this page for details.

The backtranslation tool contains a detailed help function. Under each tab, you will find a “Help” button. By clicking on the button, you will open a window which contains a description of the currently selected tab.

Gene synthesis

If you need help synthesizing the resulting optimized gene sequence, we offer a very competitive and efficient gene synthesis service. Our gene optimization and synthesis team would be happy to assist you with the design of the gene sequence prior to custom synthesis. In addition, we provide a cloning service and a service for the synthesis of codon-precision randomized gene libraries.

Possible reasons why the tool is not working

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Java support is switched off in your browser, or a virus protection program has deactivated the execution of Java applets. We hereby explicitly emphasize that we do not think that Java applications such as the backtranslation tool pose a security risk. If Java support is deactivated or its execution is prevented, you have to change the respective settings. Please consult your system administrator on how to do this.

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