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Entelechon offers a wide range of products and services. For a complete list, please refer to the submenu on the left, check an online catalog or download our pdf catalog.

DNA synthesis

We provide the whole range, from synthesis of individual oligos - both fluorescence-labelled and unlabelled – to the synthesis of genes and long polycistronic constructs.

Molecular biology services

We provide a convenient cloning serviceDNA library construction, and site directed mutagenesis.

Codon-precision mutant libraries

Synthesis of randomized libraries with precisely defined combinations of codons – no undesired variants, no stop codons.

Protein expression

We offer protein expression in a wide range of hosts such as E. coli, yeast or cell lines, optionally combined with gene synthesis to create an optimized gene for maximum expression yield. For initial tests, we offer small scale expression screening and small scale expression protocol optimisation.

Development lab

You can order the design and execution of complete development projects from Entelechon.

Animal-component-free processing

We offer gene synthesis and construction of recombinant cell clones with appropriate process controlling when all the technological steps and materials are proved to be animal-free.

Bioinformatics services

Entelechon maintains a bioinformatics unit that actively develops software for in-house and external projects. We have created advanced source code libraries that allows us to quickly prototype a large range of bioinformatics workflows. We are happy to provide customized bioinformatics services, be it the development of a new piece of software or processing of your data.

Peptides and antibodies

We can synthesize peptides, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for you.


Several services are available for the investigation of gene transcription: We design (quantitative) PCR primers and probes for the specific detection and quantification of transcripts, and we can design assays for the specific detection of a particular subset of transcripts for a given gene. In addition, we can design and synthesize convenient and reliable PCR control templates.


We offer primer design and synthesis and sequencing runs (app.550 nt). Please download the Sequencing inquiry form and contact us at